What causes blurred vision during pregnancy?


Many women aren’t aware of the surprising effect that pregnancy can cause on their eyes and vision. While you’re pregnant your vision can become blurry or less sharp. Not only can your vision be affected but your eyes can even feel very dry and irritated.

What causes blurred vision during pregnancy?

The same hormones that make your ankles and face swell also cause an increase of fluid build-up within your eye. Your lens and cornea may thicken, and the fluid pressure within your eyeball may change, causing your vision to become blurry. 

A patient of Optical Solutions shared some of her symptoms when she was pregnant. 

“Ever since my second trimester my eyes feel more irritated, dry, burning and water excessively. I prescribed myself preservative-free artificial tears and that has helped tremendously.”

“Focusing seems difficult recently too. I did check my prescription and found that it has shifted; so I had that updated. I just had a diabetic screening done; my sugar level is a little high so I’m being monitored for Gestational Diabetes.”

“I will be needing a comprehensive dilated fundus exam soon, to make sure there is no damage to the small blood vessels on the retina.” 

Blurred vision is normal for many women who are pregnant. Fortunately, these vision changes usually go away after pregnancy or after you stop breastfeeding. More serious vision problems, however, can be a sign of Diabetes or High Blood Pressure.

If you or someone you know is pregnant and is experiencing any of these symptoms, blurring, dimming vision, spots, floaters that don’t go away, or double vision, call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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