Beat Digital Eye Strain!

Burnout is killing his career
Shot of a young businessman experiencing stress during a late night at work


The more we rely on digital screens for our jobs and our entertainment, the more strain we put on our eyes.

All this screen time has resulted in over 60 percent of adult Americans reporting symptoms of digital eye strain, such as eye fatigue, headaches, neck or shoulder pain, eye irritation, itching or burning sensations in the eyes, back pain, blurred vision, general fatigue, and tearing.

With these symptoms, it’s no wonder workers who spend hours looking at screens each day can experience a 20 percent drain on productivity. But what can we do to make our work easier on our eyes? Fortunately, quite a lot!

1. Follow The 20-20-20 Rule To Give Your Eyes A Break

Focusing on a screen for extended periods is a really hard workout for your eyes. So why not give your eyes a break just like you give your body a break between sets at the gym? All you need to do to help your eyes get ready for more screen time is thisevery twenty minutes, look up from your screen and focus on something twenty feet away for twenty seconds. Set a timer to remind you if you need one!

2. Posture And Screen Placement Make A Difference

The way your screen is angled and positioned could be contributing to your eye strain. Make sure it’s at least a foot and a half away from your face, and it’s best to place it slightly below eye level, angled up. The less you have to swivel your head between the screen and any reference materials, the better, so try to place reference materials as close to the screen as possible.

3. Avoid Glare From Other Light Sources

Another problem for your eyes could be glare. If you can, angle your screen so that windows or overhead light don’t produce glare for you to squint through. If this isn’t possible, you might consider getting a glare filter for your screen.

4. Give Computer Glasses A Try

Another step you could take towards minimizing your digital eye strain is wearing computer glasses. These are designed to reduce glare and increase contrast, but they can also alter the color spectrum of what you’re looking at, so graphic designers may want to consider alternative solutions.

Your Optometrist Is Your Best Ally Against Eye Strain!

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Optical Solutions if digital eye strain is getting you down, particularly if you’re still experiencing symptoms after following these tips. We don’t want any Optical Solutions patients to feel like they have to suffer in silence, so hurry on in!

Optical Solutions is here for your overall eye health!

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