How Can My Watery Eyes Be Dry?


Yes, it’s very possible that if you experience watery eyes, you may have an underlying dry eye condition.

What causes the watery eyes? Chronic irritation from dry eye syndrome can result in an over-production of the watery component of tears, which is produced by glands located behind the upper eyelid (lacrimal glands).

A normal, healthy tear film has a balance of three layers: water, oil and mucus. Each layer plays an important role in keeping the front surface of the eye comfortable, healthy and capable of producing clear vision.

But the watery “reflex tears” produced by dry eye irritation simply flush excess water onto the eye, which quickly evaporates and provides only temporary relief.

Treating the underlying dry eye condition will enable a healthy balance of all three tear film components to be re-established and eliminate watery eyes.

Content shared from All About Vision

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