Kids Eye Protection

kids back to school

Protecting your children’s eyes is something that should always be a priority, as is getting their immunizations. This is especially true for kids under the age of 10. Kids eyes are most sensitive before the age of 10, because they are still developing. As parents it is important to keep that in mind and make sure your little rays of sunshine have adequate eye protection and obtain their yearly eye exam. The month of  August is not only Back to School, but it is also National Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. Here at Optical Solutions, we believe that kids eye health is crucial to their success in school and life, so we’ve compiled a list of tips and suggestions on how to protect your kids eyes all year round.

When they are reading, make sure that:

  • The room had evenly dispersed lighting
  • You discourage them from reading lying on the floor

When they use electronics (TV/Computer), make sure that:

  • They take breaks and look away from the screen
  • Place the TV at eye level or just below it
  • There’s a light on in the room while they are watching TV or on the computer
  • Limit the amount of time they spend in front of the screen

Finally, make sure that your kids are obtaining a well balanced diet, and provide them with toys that will help them with visual development.

Furthermore, parents should also be on the look out for signs such as , squinting, crossed eye, swelling and itchiness as these may indicate a more serious condition.

Don’t let your child fall behind when it comes to their eyes and eyesight, schedule an appointment for them at any of our convenient Optical Solutions locations!

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