Types of Sports Eye Protection


With the weather warming up, it’s time for softball, soccer, golf and more. Because you only have one pair of eyes, Optical Solutions recommends sports protective eyewear for kids and adults.

In a previous post, we wrote about why you need sports eye protection. So, what types are available and how do you choose?

Safety goggles or safety glasses for sports?

In general, safety goggles are best for impact sports because they provide wraparound eye protection and protect more of the face than safety glasses. They should fit snugly, but be comfortable enough to wear every time you play. You can get sports eyewear in your prescription or wear goggles over your regular glasses or contacts.

Protective eyewear by sport


If you play … You need …
Basketball Polycarbonate sports goggles
Tennis, racquetball, squash or other racquet sports Polycarbonate sports goggles (for singles tennis, regular glasses with polycarbonate lenses are OK)
Soccer Polycarbonate sports goggles
Field hockey Polycarbonate sports goggles (goalies should wear a full-face mask)
Softball Polycarbonate glasses (fielding); polycarbonate face guard on a helmet (at bat, running bases)

View more sports and appropriate sports protective eyewear.

Choosing approved sports eyewear

For impact resistance, look for sports goggles or glasses approved by ASTM International or meeting CSA racquet sports standards. Polycarbonate, a shatterproof plastic, resists impact 10 times better than other materials, so it’s a good choice for sports.

For low-impact sports such as cycling and running, sturdy glasses or sunglasses with impact-resistant polycarbonate frames help protect your eyes.

We also carry a wide selection of sunglasses, including polarized sunglasses, prescription sunglasses and designer sunglasses to fit your needs.

Play it safe – protect your eyes

Don’t take chances with your eyes. Optical Solutions provide expert assistance in choosing and fitting sports eyewear, and our opticians can find a style that fits your needs and budget.

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