Oh, What to Wear!

contact lens wearers

Did you know that, more than 30 million people in the U.S. wear contact lenses. Two-thirds of contact lens wearers are female, and the average age of contact lens wearers worldwide is 31 years old, according to the Contact Lens Institute.

The contact lens market offers an array of choices that allow wearers to dispose and replace contacts anywhere from one day to one month. A shorter wear cycle and more frequent use of fresh lenses can improve the wearer experience.

Daily Disposable:  One of the healthiest contact lens options available; designed to be worn for one day, removed and discarded.  Convenient, because there is no need to clean or store the lenses.

Frequent Replacement:  Most commonly prescribed to be disposed of on a two‐week or four‐week basis.  These lenses are taken out every night, cleaned and re‐inserted the next day.

Overnight Wear: Some lenses are approved for overnight wear which means they can be worn continuously for a defined period of time.  It is important that people who wish to keep their contact lenses in while sleeping first talk to their eye doctor to determine if overnight wear of contact lenses is appropriate for them and to be properly fitted with the right type of contact lens.

Published by knanosky

Our first piece of advice when we bought our Airstream was from friends and fellow campers. They said to make sure you "keep the shiny side up." Something that struck me kind of funny, but so true :)

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