September is Sports Eye Safety Month


What is Sports Eye Safety Month?

Sports Eye Safety Month is sponsored by Prevent Blindness America (PBA).   It is a reminder that thousands of eye injuries every year are related to sports.

What kind of injuries can occur due to sports?

Corneal Abrasion:  One of the most common injuries due to sports is a corneal abrasion.  An abrasion is a scratch on the surface of the eye.   In most healthy patients, an abrasion will heal within 2-3 days.  However it is important to see an eye physician treat the abrasion and to prevent infection as well as check your eyes for other injuries.

Traumatic Iritis: Traumatic iritis is inflammation of the iris.  “Iri-“ (referring to the iris or blue/brown part of your eye) + “-itis” (inflammation).  With iritis due to any cause, you can have eye pain, blurred vision, and usually very sensitive to bright lights.

Hyphema: Another common injury to the eye is a hyphema or bleeding inside of the front part of your eye.  The bleeding will resolve on its own usually within 1-2 weeks but it can cause other severe eye problems including glaucoma so it is important to see your eye physician and follow instructions carefully if you have this type of injury.

Angle recession: This is damage to the fluid drainage system of the eye. If there is a significant degree of angle recession, you are at risk for glaucoma long term.

Retinal tear or retinal detachment: Thankfully this type of injury is rare but you are at risk for this for up to one year after any injury.  Be mindful of any new flashing lights, floaters or little black spots in your vision or a curtain coming over your vision.  If any of these occur, see your eye physician as soon as possible.

It is important to get your eyes examined if you have any eye trauma or injury to check for the problems listed above as well as many other sequelae to trauma that your eye physician can diagnose and treat before they affect your vision and life permanently. The best solution is always prevention!

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